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Step up, and be political collaborative.

Authored on February 6, 2019. Updated on May 12, 2020.

The world, full of moral injustices, is hungry for leaders. In any organization, these injustices are woven throughout the workplace.

People are aware of this. People see an enormous gap that needs to be filled. They see a problem that needs to be solved. They see a lack of true leadership, and they don’t see anyone stepping up.

Leadership is a person who steps up.

But in order to step up, in order for there to be leaders that resolve an injustice, people need to learn to be political within their organization.

Humans organize into groups, and as immediately as that happens, that group is inherently political. There is governance that happens. There is no way around politics. There is no way around human social interaction and the dynamics thereof.

How you execute being political is highly personal, and every person has their different style of implementing successful politics.

But the world right now lacks a certain type of politics: collaborative, co-creative, holistic, systems-level, and long-term thinking politics.

It's not about the authoritative "I" anymore. It never has been, though we may have forgotten. It's about the cohesive "we".

You are a person who can step up with this type of politics.

No matter where you’re at, or where you might want to go, you will need to define your style of collaborative politics to address what the world lacks.

This is how you start.

This is how we resolve injustices.

This is how we define the world of tomorrow.

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