Tim Leisio

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Work (and other activity)

I work on a design system these days for Thomson Reuters. I'm keen to lead and facilitate operational (internal) collaborative activities. Opportunities with this are currently looking optimistic. I desire to infuse equity-centered design practices within the Thomson Reuters design system. Time will tell. I have a high bar of others.

What else am I up to these days?


"...Tim has one of the greatest and expansive visions of user experience within our organization."
"...[Tim] has facilitated numerous design thinking workshops I feel that no one else would have taken the time or cared to do."
"You facilitate activities through guiding and patience instead of telling or putting words in people's mouths, which is incredibly effective."
"I don't know anyone else who focuses on the smallest bits of details but also has some of the most inspiring and aspirational big picture views and ideas..."
"Honestly, if there's anyone that I'd go to on our team for anything related to UX, product design or general problem solving, it's you. There's no one better, in my opinion."

For a decade in the design industry, I've helped teams collect and organize information so goals are shared and next steps are clear.

On the day-to-day, my responsibilities revolve around these themes of action:

You can find my CV on Google docs.

I'm seeking new opportunities

"I think your pragmatism could be better applied to other areas in society; ones that have more societal impact than a corporation."

To potential people partners: Hello! Here are some things I can help with, and what I'm looking for. These are some aspirations and expectations for my future work with any team: